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Color Bag Closing Thread

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Color Bag Closing Thread

100% Polyester Staple Fiber

Thread Count:

Ne10/3 Ne12/4(Nm20/4) Ne12/5(Nm20/5) Ne20/6 etc

Weight:200g,250g,1kg,2kg,3kg,5kg,8kg,8oz,4.5lb,20lbs etc.

According to US FDA requirement, will use silicone treated, shrink film covered.

Usually, bag closing thread is used for sewing open top mouth bags in agricultural industry, as like rice bags, sugar bags, pp woven bags, grain bags, salt bags, cement bags, bean bags.

Can match our this model Keestar KH-U800, Keestar GK2200, Keestar KP-N7A, Keestar KH-N9, Keestar KH-N7, Keestar KP2701B, Keestar KP-3000B etc high speed portable bag closer machines and heavy duty bag closers.

Packages: 200g—90cones/carton, 100cones/carton